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“Quarantine and Zoonotic Infections in Kazakhstan” magazine

Instructions for Authors

Manuscripts must meet the following requirements:

  1. Typing in Microsoft Word editor version 6.0 and higher, A4 format, margins – 3 cm on the left, 1.5 cm on the right, 2 cm on the bottom and top, Times New Roman font, size 12, single line spacing. The volume of manuscripts should not exceed 15 pages.
  2. Manuscripts are sent in a single copy signed by all authors, by physical mail, as well as by e-mail. Submission of works in electronic form is mandatory for all authors. If the article is sent only by e-mail, its title and author’s team must be confirmed by a scanned letter from the head of the institution.
  3. The manuscript describes the UDC index and key words, place of work and e-mail of the first author, the place of work of the other authors; it must include a summary (up to 15 lines) in the original language and two other languages of publication (it is allowed to submit the summary only in Russian for subsequent translation in the editorial office; in this case, the translation of the used highly specialized terms into English and Kazakh is given).
  4. The original articles must specify the nature and volume of primary materials, as well as the method of obtaining and processing them.
  5. Tables and figures (black-and-white or color) should be simple, clear and not exceed the size of a standard A4 page in book format (color illustrations and illustrations in landscape spread are allowed only if absolutely necessary); they are placed in the text of the work. Table names are shown at the top, and figure captions are shown at the bottom. The size of the font size of captions and symbols in the figure field should, as a rule, be no smaller than the font size of the text of the manuscript. Their minimum size is 10. Charts (only black and white) are provided in the text as an insert element of Microsoft Excel, tables — only in Microsoft Word. Repetition of digital data in tables, figures, and text is not allowed.
  6. It is desirable to refer primarily to sources of a priority or generalizing nature in the list of used literature. In the text of the manuscript, the source number is indicated in the list in square brackets, in the list itself, the works are arranged alphabetically (first in Cyrillic, then in Latin). Bibliographic description is given in the following order: initials (if number of authors more than 4, give not more than 3 names), title of work, name of collection or journal, city and publisher, year, number of issue, pages. References to handwritten sources (dissertations, reports) are undesirable and allowed only with the indication of their location.
  7. Abbreviations in the text of works, except for the generally accepted ones, are given in a separate list or are deciphered at the first mention.
  8. Latin names of animals, microorganisms and plants are given in full at the first mention; later they are used in a short version. In the summary, considering the need to translate it into other languages, only latin names of living organisms should be given.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit and reduce the submitted works without the consent of the authors, publish them in the form of short messages, as well as reject manuscripts that do not comply with these rules.

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