Scientific Electronic Library

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NSCEDI has official access to the electronic databases of Clarivate Analytics, Medline, Google Scholar, Springer, and RSCI.

Using these sources, you can find articles from the best international scientific journals.

To refer to the electronic database, please follow the links below:







— on the IBM Zurich lab page;

— research tab (already open developments are available);

— PaccMann — Prediction of anticancer compound sensitivity with multi-modal attention-based neural networks

— INtERAcT — Automtic text mining and analysis;

— PIMKL — Pathway-induced multiple kernel learning.;

— CellCycleTRACER — A novel computational method to quantify cell cycle and cell volume variability.;

— Chimaera — Estimating the frequency of genetic alterations.;

— Cosifer — Consensus inference of molecular networks.

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