Plague laboratory


Created in a modern version in 2016. Historically there were epidemiological and microbiological departments:

Epidemiological department

The epidemiological department / laboratory of the Institute has always been a scientific and practical school of plague specialists. Most of the Institute’s leading specialists started their work in this laboratory.

The microbiological department of the Institute was represented by four divisions: the laboratory of Microbiology (1949), the MLC (1951), the biochemical laboratory (1957), and the laboratory of genetics (1964).

Main activities:

  1. Participation in the implementation of STP
  2. Study of the microbiology and epidemiology of the causative agent of plague and yersiniosis
  3. Study of the ecology of the causative agent of plague and yersiniosis
  4. Improvement of laboratory diagnostics methods
  5. Advisory and methodological assistance to practical health care
  6. Participation in the training and improvement of specialists in training courses for special personnel and at the workplace
  7. Implementation of research results in the practice of health care institutions
  8. Publication of research results
  9. Reviewing plans and results of specialized research
  10. Participation in other scientific and preventive activities in accordance with the NSCEDI Charter
  11. Conducting laboratory tests for zoonotic infections on a contractual basis


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