Mission and vision


Ensuring biological security of the country, the development and implementation of scientific foundations for monitoring, prevention, risk assessment of human contamination by especially dangerous infections in Kazakhstan to prevent and reduce diseases of humans and animals.

RSE on REM “M. Aikimbayev’s National Scientific Center for Especially Dangerous Infections” of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NSCEDI) formed by combining the RSE on REM “Kazakh Scientific Centre for Quarantine and Zoonotic Infections named after M. Aikimbayev” and nine RSE “Anti-Plague Station” of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan to ensure functioning of the national system of biological safety and interagency cooperation.

Formation of the Republican collection and the Republican depository of especially dangerous pathogens in the Central Reference Laboratory (CRL), preservation of the genetic fund of microorganisms, development of new scientific directions, training of specialists working with EDI, creation of new preventive and diagnostic drugs, production of laboratory animals of the SPF category for scientific purposes, maintenance of zoological and parasitological collections, modernization of specialized anti-epidemic teams (SAET), informatization of the national biological safety system, sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population.


Highly professional personnel who possess modern diagnostic methods of pathogens of especially dangerous bacterial and viral infections. The high productivity of scientific research, patenting of the results obtained, the use of new information technologies, issuing methodological recommendations and monographs. Implementation of the ISO quality management system in NSCEDI. International cooperation with foreign partners to perform joint research work.

Национальный научный центр особо опасных инфекций
Almaty city,
Zhakhanger street, 14

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