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«Quarantine and zoonotic infections in Kazakhstan» has been published since 1999. Initially, it was a collection of scientific works of anti-plague and sanitary-epidemiological Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries, published annually. Since 2001, it has been published twice a year with a circulation of 300 copies. All collections of the magazine published since 1999 are, in aggregate, a special scientific periodical combined both by the specific theme of the works published in them and by their external design. In April 2003 the magazine «Quarantine and Zoonotic infections in Kazakhstan» was registered in the Ministry of Culture, Information, and Public Consent of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a magazine (certificate of registration of mass media №3740-Ж from 17.04.2023); at the same time, the subscription index 75589 was obtained.

The journal is published in Russian, Kazakh and English languages. Submitted papers are published in the original language and accompanied by a summary in two other languages (except for short messages). The table of contents is given in all three languages. All papers are reviewed, and the reviewers are mainly leading scientists of the national research center, sometimes other research institutions. Based on the results of reviewing, articles are accepted for publication or, if there are significant shortcomings, sent to the authors for correction in accordance with the comments of the reviewers.

The main thematic focus of the publication is epidemiology, microbiology, epizootology and prevention of especially dangerous infectious diseases of humans and animals, as well as systematics and ecology of carriers and vectors of infections. The journal publishes articles by scientists of anti-plague and specialized scientific institutions of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries, as well as practical health professionals on epidemiology, microbiology, genetics, biotechnology, immunology, laboratory diagnostics and prevention of especially dangerous and natural focal infections, as well as on the problems of sanitary protection, biosecurity, biosafety and bioterrorism, the history of sanitary and epidemiological and international cooperation. The journal has the international standard serial number ISSN 2617-7196 since 2018. A total of 37 issues of the magazine were published.

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