Department of nutrient medium

Laboratory of Nutrient Medium

Preparation of nutrient media was started in the Central Asian Anti-Plague Research Institute in 1949. The media were cooked in a small room on a wood stove with 1 laboratory assistant and 1 preparator. The range of media corresponded to 7 names for plague and cholera. Over time, the laboratory of nutrient media was allocated to a separate division with its staff reaching up to 20 people in the 80’s. The range of manufactured nutrient media (up to 100 items) and their bases (12 items) has increased.

The laboratory provides nutrient media for the scientific and production divisions of the Center.

The main objectives of the laboratory are: timely production of diagnostic and production nutrient media according to received requests from all departments of the Center; providing advisory, methodological and practical assistance to APS, SES, etc. in matters of preparation of nutrient media; development of new and improvement of existing nutrient media and semi-finished products that meet modern requirements; preparation of normative and technical documentation for nutrient media with their subsequent approval in the relevant organizations.

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