PRESS RELEASE about the International online Conference on May 27, 2021

On May 27, 2021 the M. Aikimbayev’s National Scientific Center for Especially Dangerous Infections in co-organization with the representative office of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Institute for Microbiology of the Bundeswehr, organized an International online Conference “Especially dangerous and socially significant infectious diseases”.

The conference was attended by a wide range of participants “from Berlin to Beijing”, where the event was attended by leading scientists and experts in the field of epidemiology of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

The meeting of experts in the field of epidemiology at the “round table” in the online format was held in order to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against especially dangerous infections, COVID-19, the development of scientific exchange and the national capacity of partner countries to combat infectious diseases.

The event was attended by more than 100 scientists and experts, where the speakers of the conference were leading scientists from different countries: Professor, MD, T. Yerubaev (Kazakhstan); Dr. Lukas Peintner (Germany); Professor Jinghua Cao (China); Professor Yiming Bao (China); Professor Zhu Fengcai (China); c.m.s. I. Karnaukhov (Russia); c.m.s. E. Kulikalova (Russia); c.m.s. Z. Dugarzhapova (Russia); PhD N. Turebekov (Kazakhstan); c.m.s. U. Izbanova (Kazakhstan).

The conference served as a platform for biosafety scientists to report on their research findings, discuss and address emerging issues related to their field of research, and establish collaborations.

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